I am a reseacher interested in the (historical) role of financial institutions in trade, economic development, and systemic stability.

I am an Assistant Professor in Economic and Social History at the Institute for Economic and Social History at WU Vienna, and an Associate Researcher at the Faculty of History at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Thank you for your interest, and welcome to my page.


wilfried.kisling@wu.ac.at | wilfried.kisling@history.ox.ac.uk


The Graduate Insitute together with other Institutions is organising the European Macro History Online Seminar with a wonderful line up, starting April 21st. We will present our paper on international banking networks and trade during the first globalisation, co-authored with Chenzi Xu and Christopher Meissner, on June 9th. Link with programme and free registration: https://graduateinstitute.ch/communications/events/european-macro-history-online-seminar

My new working paper with Antonio Tena on German trade finance in 19th century Argentina, with trade data on product level!: https://www.economics.ox.ac.uk/materials/working_papers/5083/171julykisling-tena.pdf

My new paper on German bank entry and trade finance in 19th century Brazil is out: https://academic.oup.com/ereh/advance-article/doi/10.1093/ereh/hez006/5489512


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